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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:40
Osaka’s Crossfaith have announced their new album "EX_MACHINA", set for release on August 3rd via UNFD.

"EX_MACHINA" is the Japanese band’s fifth album and the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed 'XENO'. The album features an impressive cameo from Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds as well industrial hip hoppers Ho99o9. Last week Crossfaith gave fans a new single:
"EX_MACHINA" is a concept album set in an alternative near future in which the ruling class, known as Angels, maintain their world through artificial intelligence and other technology, which dehumanises people and effectively turns them into drones

Frontman Kenta ‘Ken’ Koie explains: “After we released last album XENO, we were thinking about what the next theme for us is. Then we decided to put theme “Awake the individuality”. Because we've always trying to make new things and that's the big part of band's attitudes. Technology has been advancing from when I was kid, and it definitely helps the world but at the same time I feel like technology take out important process to think about individuality in exchange for convenience. This album is a grave warning for our future, I hope you guys listen to this and think about what the meaning of this album is for you and feel how you feel through this album and start something for your future”.

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BIG CITY Release 'Running For Your Life' Music Video

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:39
Norwegian melodic heavy rock/metal band, BIG CITY, have released a music video for 'Running For Your Life', the track is taken of their second album ‘Big City Life‘, due out as a double CD digipack including their 2013 debut album ‘Wintersleep‘ on June 22nd, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. BIG CITY features members of Scariot, Blood Red Throne, Withem, Maraton and Memoria Avenue.

The video was edited by Jim Evgenidis at Icon Filmworx Studios.

‘Big City Life‘ Tracklist:

1. Big City Life

2. Cryin’ In The Night

3. Daemon In The Dark

4. Rocket Man

5. Stars Surrounding

6. From This Day

7. Running For Your Life

8. Forgive Me Now

9. Tower Of Babylon

10. Home Again

‘Wintersleep‘ Tracklist:

1. Midnight Train

2. Innocence Of A Kill

3. Wintersleep

4. Fire And Stone

5. Too Late

6. The Last Sleep

7. Iseline

8. Love Break The Heart

9. Harbor Of Tears

10. Will You Be Gone

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Coldbound has released a brand new video for the song "My Solace"

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:35
Coldbound has released a brand new video for the song "My Solace", taken from the album "The Gale" released by Moonlight Productions.
The concept of the album is focused to memories of nostalgia , personal struggles and last but not least has the purpose of raising the awareness of those who suffer from depression , have suicidal thoughts or feel lonely. The Moto of the album that is repeated continuously on the song “Shades of Myself” and is displayed on the digipak that is about to be released, is “Living is an act of courage”.

"The Gale" by Coldbound has been recorded during April 2017 - May 2018 at Moonlight Sound Solutions in Hudiksvall/Sweden and at various places in Helsinki/Finland.

The lyrics are mostly inspired by personal struggles and somehow promote optimism through dark times.

Members who contributed in this album:

Pauli Souka (composer , guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, lyrics ,programming, layout, production)

Paulina Medepona (Vocals on track “The Eminent Light” , artwork)

Andras Miklosvari (keyboards on tracks 4,5,6,7)

Ida Korkiakoski (photography)

Coldbound started sometime in 2012 in Vantaa/Helsinki. Coldbound has released 3 full length albums by now , mostly black metal. The Gale will be the bandʼs first polished work and also the first melodic death metal record.

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Progressive Death Metal Band Skyglow to release debut album

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:33
Russian progressive death metal band Skyglow released a single 'Sacred Self-Deceit'. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album 'Thousand Years of Terror' which is released by Inverse Records (digitally) & Grotesque Sounds (CD) on June 30th 2018.
The band currently consists of just two members: Alexander Mokin (author, vocalist) and Sergey Stepanenko (guitarist). They make studio music and do not perform live. The best part of their music is its insane composition, original complex riffs and its aggressive and chaotic yet sentimental atmosphere.

Band comments:
"Recently we finished our debut album named Thousand Years of Terror. It is dedicated to the problems of totalitarian states, inspired by the political situation in Russia."

Album cover art is made by Joe Petagno (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Marduk, Autopsy, etc.)

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Rox Diamond third single "Two Hearts"

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:25
Lions Pride Music present Rox Diamond's third single "Two Hearts" taken from their latest album "Let The Music Do The Talkin'"

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:22
With Confidence have announced details on their forthcoming new album 'Love and Loathing' out August 10th via Hopeless Records. The infectiously catchy and colorful music video for “That Something” is out now on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel.

With Confidence called on veteran producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore) to create 'Love and Loathing'. An album filled with both catchy melodies and emotive lyrics, Love and Loathing carries you through first loves, blistering breakups and everything in-between.

According to bassist and vocalist Jayden Seeley, the final themes weren’t clear until they had finished most of the songs: “There's a looming relationship with loathing, mostly about the concept of self-loathing,” explains Seeley. “That period before getting into a relationship is very introspective—you’re trying to be a better person, but a lot of how that happens is because people are really hard on [themselves]. That ties back to love just as strongly, because in the relationship, you want to keep being better. In every way”.

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Geenger Records Signs KEVLAR BIKINI

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:20

Kevlar Bikini from Zagreb, Croatia have recently joined the Geenger Records family. Formed in 2010, the band has since released two albums and is finishing their third which will see the light of day this autumn.

Starting out as a quartet, they are now a trio, with guitarist Mario Berta taking over vocals. Kevlar Bikini sound more convincing than ever and the new material will appeal to punk, hard core and metal fans alike. The band’s new album Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms embodies all recent developments. The self-explanatory tongue twister of a name describes not only the collage of songs on the album, but also the overall revamped style of the group. It is the album the band is most proud of.
Kevlar Bikini Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms will be released on September 14, 2018 via Geenger Records.

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Modern thrash metallers Justice Theory released a new EP and music video

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:18

Modern thrash metallers Justice Theory released a new EP and music video

Finnish modern thrash metal act Justice Theory has released a new EP “When the Lights Are Fading” and a music video to the opening track "All for Nothing".

Previously Justice Theory has released three singles and played for example on Finnish Metal Festival Jalometalli 2016 warming up the stage for bands like Anthrax.

The first EP release from the band presents three tracks of catchy and aggressive thrash metal with tight riffs and unique vocal work. The lyrical themes on When the Lights Are Fading are about the degeneration of humankind in perished world where nothing feels the same anymore.

"When we notice that we are actually completely numb it's already too late. As the time is running short. The lights are about to go out." The frontman Valtteri Saharinen sum up the message.

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New STORMWITCH single out now

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:13
STORMWITCH's new single is here
STORMWITCH's new album "Bound To The Witch" - mixed and mastered by Marc Ayerle and with an artwork by Michael Vetter - will be released on June 29th via Massacre Records. It's physically available as jewel case CD, limited CD Digipak with bonus tracks as well as limited vinyl LP and it's also available digitally, of course

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HAUNTED - official music video for ‘Mourning Sun’

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:11
Last friday the international doom promises HAUNTED unleashed their new studio album, “Dayburner” via Twin Earth Records.

In celebration of the album release, the band revealed the video of the second single ‘Mourning Sun’

Cristina Chimirri, vocalist, tells about the song: “When I wrote the lyrics of Mourning Sun, I thought about the “feeling of Death” which sometimes comes over us inexplicably. It’s a kind of call to the other side, that a lot of people live like a halluciation in a dream. Then there’s a will to generate the nightmare, the darkness, the night. Aim to the sun and turn it off.”

The drummer Dario Casabona adds: “The ‘incipit’ of a journey that only lasts a day, to the dark.”

The creation of the video has been entrusted to the Canadian artist, resident of Glasgow, Teresa Elizabeth Lobos.

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