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ANDREAS BUDWEISER: New song published

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-09-10 20:36
ANDREAS BUDWEISER has published one more song of his current album "AlaRm". Liste to "Pika-Don" right here:

ANDREAS BUDWEISER has gathered a great reputation in the scene. He proved his skills especially as a member of PREDATORY VIOLENCE with whom he toured as support for acts such as DIAMOND HEAD or RAVEN. Now, ANDREAS BUDWEISER wants to see his own ideas brought to life, and therefor he moves on as a solo musician. The first result of his solo work is “Alarm“. A colorful album of everything the musician loves – from neck breakers to party hymns. But his debut album does not just invite you to bang your heads, it also gives your heads some work, for the lyrical contents are not just made for listening, but also to give you something to think about.

On his solo debut, ANDREAS BUDWEISER wants to clearly position himself aside from the soulless mainstream, and thus he concentrates on the essentials: the music that he loves! Therefore, “Alarm“ is really versatile. From Rock to Metal to Electronica, the mixture combines different influences, yet it is always groovy, melodic, and catchy. During the work on “Alarm,“ the guitarist was supported by drummer David Amendt and Bassist Ralf J. Rock. On stage, Andy Burton (Drums) and Madhouse (Bass) will join ANDREAS BUDWEISER.

On “Alarm,“ everyone will be able to find himself – Rockers and Metalheads, party animals and headbangers. The complexity of ANDREAS BUDWEISER is exciting, enthralling and electrifying. The album will be released on CD as well as deluxe vinyl edition including a CD listening copy.

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