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THE WEIGHT - video release "Trouble"

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-09-03 09:40

In 2015 THE WEIGHT from Vienna, Austria broke onto the scene with their first self produced EP KEEP TURNING. Instantly Rock-Media and fans across Germany, Austria & Switzerland realized there is something special about this band and celebrated their fresh new approach to late 1960s and early 70s rock music full of filthy hard and bluesy guitar riffs, heavy bass, massive drums and a vocal force of nature rarely to be heard these days and age. THE WEIGHT’s debut album will hit the shelves on Nov 17, 2017 with the first single TROUBLE out now.

TROUBLE is a classic rock’n’roll motive. The song immediately raises one question: Who has never caved in to the various temptations luring in this world? The record shows: no hangover lasts forever and nothing can keep us from having a good time and follow the path of a hedonistic lifestyle at least once in a while. As the only side effect listening to THE WEIGHT is wanting more of that ground shaking TROUBLE, we wholeheartedly recommend you to satisfy your deepest burning desires and turn the volume up to eleven.

While the musical interpretation of the subject already seems to be all fun and games, the video clip adds a whole new dimension to the song. THE WEIGHT have created a staggering and opulent paper chase throughout the colourful history of Rock'n'Roll and its most important performers and best known representatives. No matter what you think about the untouchable Zeppelin, the unsurpassed Beatles or the unequalled Stones – THE WEIGHT show little respect but a whole lotta love for their predecessors recreating legendary motifs originating from the late great heroes of Rock'n'Roll music. THE WEIGHT might come across a little megalomaniac but they can prove to have fun without a hangover and will taken your heart and ears by storm a with thundering roar of HEAVY RHYTHM & ROLL on top! Resistance is futile.

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