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Vermilia: New video for "Vedestä Vieraantunut"

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-13 21:19
Vermilia is a female artist hailing from Finland who has in "Vedestä Vieraantunut" her first single, a scandinavian pagan metal piece combined with sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies.

"Vedestä Vieraantunut" has officially been released November 13th as a self-released single and it will be available for sale/streaming through all major platforms.

The track is taken off from the artist's forthcoming and yet unnamed debut album and it can be also purchased by "pay what you want method" from Vermilia's ban camp page.

"It's like a poem, which tells about the alienation of life", says Vermilia herself

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-13 21:18

A new, interesting act is going to invade the rock/metal scene: Wolf Theory! The band was born in 2017 by the meeting of four musicians with respectable curriculum built in important bands of the Italian metal scene and beyond. The line-up consists of:

- Random: from 1993 to 1998 he played with Umberto Palazzo E Il Santo Niente. From 1998 to 2003 he was part of Moltheni, from 2003 to 2006 followed the experience as bass-player of Exilia, taking part to the tours that the band held around the world.

- Teo Camellini: Mellowtoy drummer from 2002 to 2017. With the band he played with some iconic rock/metal artists just like Stone Sour, Papa Roach, HIM, Disturbed.

- Elio Alien: In the 1990s he was in the roster of Warner Bros. In '98 he decided to focus himself to his personal project Exilia: their first album, entitled "Rightside Up", was released in 1998 by Universal. The band reached the next level with the album "Unleashed" released via Gun Records/Sony BMG that topped "Best 40" chart in Germany. After "Nobody Exluted" (2006 ) and "My Own Army" (2008) he left Exilia in 2011.

- Emi Camellini: Mellowtoy vocalist from 2004 to 2017. He did live performance sharing stages with artists such as Stone Sour, Alter Bridge, Papa Roach. He released four albums with Mellowtoy, including the last one "Lies" produced by Marco Coti Zelati (Lacuna Coil).

Wolf Theory's sound is an interesting mix of electronic and rock music, filled with a particular and very personal style. The band is actually working on the first EP with producers Marco Sivo (Instant Karma, Planethard) and Frank Altare (Mellowtoy, Brain Distillers Corporation). The name Wolf Theory is inspired by the wolf's life and its way of life, moreover, is inspired by a song of Devotion. Currently, the band members are organizing a tour that will bring them on stage in Italy and Europe in the forthcoming months. The first gig will be held on 31/12/2017 at Legend Club in Milan, Italy, the very same day of the EP release party.

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Spiral Key signs with Pride & Joy

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-13 21:16
Spiral Key is a UK-based symphonic progressive metal band formed in 2012, specializing in melodic, thoughtful and heavy music, diverse themes and a subtly dark sense of humour. The band features the distinctive voice and intricate guitarwork of David McCabe and the thunderous bass work of Ken Wynne (Cut the Wire).

Spiral Key released their debut “Perfect Machine” in 2013, a diverse collection of songs with a focus on melody and featuring themes of love, loss and identity. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bentham Studios in Ken’s home town of Swindon in the UK, the album was self-released. After a short hiatus and gathering live assistance from up-and-coming drummer Chris Allan (Esprit D'Air, Merithian) and guitarist Dan Carter (Belial), Spiral Key burst onto the stage in 2016 supporting a number of bands across the spectrum including Kingcrow and Votum.

After that successful year, Spiral Key’s second album “An Error of Judgement” was recorded at Outhouse Studios in the UK in early 2017, and will be released by Pride and Joy Music on January 19th, 2018. John Mitchell (Frost*, It Bites, Arena) contributes a guitar solo to the track “Dark Path”, vocalist Miguel Espinoza (Persefone) features on the track “Possessive”, and Dan Carter displays his inimitable style on the track “Sanctimonious”. Mixing and mastering were handled by David Castillo (Katatonia, Opeth) and Tony Lindgren (Angra, James LaBrie) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Artwork is the product of the mighty genre luminary Mattias Norén of ProgArt Media, touching on the paths described in the album.

An Error of Judgement” examines the many misdeeds of mankind, from the major themes of disunity and disempowerment to the close-up and personal failings of people themselves. Darker and heavier, it elevates Spiral Key’s trademark progressive sound to new symphonic heights, while still making space for the band’s trademark humour and melody.

The first video for the album is for the track “Hollywood Dreams”, by Patric Ullaeus (Evergrey, Amaranthe) in Sweden and will be released on Youtube on November 24th, 2017 in advance.

The PR for this release will start tomorrow via Haulix.

SPIRAL KEY is: David McCabe (vocals, guitar); Ken Wynne (bass); Chris Allan (drums); Dan Carter (guitars)

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CORAXO reveal new video + free download from their new single "Retrograde"

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-13 21:11
The scifi metal group Coraxo has released a new video and free to download single 'Retrograde' off their upcoming album 'Sol' due to be released via Snow Wave Records on November 23rd.

Free download here: https://www.snow-wave-records.com/product/coraxo-retrograde-free-single-download/

The upcoming album 'Sol' contains 42 minutes of melodic and progressive death metal from Finland. Its science fiction soundscape features a large setting of international guest musicians known from such bands as Arch Enemy, Shining, Suidakra and Status Abnormis.

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DEEVER (feat. Billy Taylor ex-Inglorious) Release 'All Come Running' Lyric Video

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:59
UK Hard Rock band, DEEVER, have officially released their second storming single ‘All Come Running’. This second track from their as yet unnamed upcoming album shows they certainly aren’t a one trick pony and are already engraving their own sound into some well-produced tracks. All Come Running is now available on all digital platforms and the official lyric video is directed by Samuel Andrew Fenton.

Singer and guitarist Billy Taylor (ex-Inglorious) of the single “It’s great to be writing in a completely unrestricted style and environment again. We aren’t writing to please anyone, we’re writing and recording what we’d like to hear. ‘All Come Running’ is great fun to play and hopefully it’s just as fun to listen to! Tony Draper has done an awesome job engineering and mixing this stuff and we can’t wait for everyone to hear more!"


Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar (ex-Inglorious)
Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals
Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals
Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals

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Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:58
Neck Deep premiere today the new video for their single 'Parachute'. For Wrexham pop-punks , the trajectory of the last half decade has been, seemingly, one of unbridled success. Comprehensively the most successful British band in the history of their genre, and with an average age of just 23, they have risen – at a pace so head-spinning it nearly snapped necks – to become the zeitgeist capturing band of their generation and scene. They’ve scored Kerrang! and APMA awards along the way, completed two summer-long stints and Warped Tour to unprecedented crowds, worked alongside legends like Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and completed a 2016 headline world tour of their own which took in some 15 countries across four months and sold in excess of 52,000 tickets.

Moreover, their second full-length album 'Life’s Not Out To Get You' smashed its way into the top 10 of both the UK and U.S. album charts. It both catapulted the the band to the front of the pack and effortlessly captured the essence of what problem free young adulthood is all about in the way only truly great pop-punk can.

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MYSTIC PROPHECY announces new album

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:57

MYSTIC PROPHECY is going to release its new album "Monuments Uncovered" on January 12, 2018 via Massacre Records!

This album is a special one, because it features cover versions only!

Vocalist R.D. Liapakis comments:

"This album is like a love letter to the music that accompanied so many of us, myself included, in the 70's, 80's and 90's - and believe me, you have not heard the songs like this before! I’m also really excited to show you a new and different side of MYSTIC PROPHECY!"

The album was produced by R.D. Liapakis & Mystic Prophecy at the Prophecy Studios, and mixed & mastered by Henrik Udd at Udd Recording Studios (Architects,Hammerfall, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, Delain). Dušan Markovic has created the album's cover artwork.

The track list of the album is featured below.

MYSTIC PROPHECY's "Monuments Uncovered" will also be available as limited edition digipak with an exclusive bonus track as well as limited vinyl LP

1. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Kim Wilde/The Supremes Cover)
2. Hot Stuff (Donna Summer Cover)
3. Shadow On The Wall (Mike Oldfield Cover)
4. Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz Cover)
5. I'm Still Standing (Elton John Cover)
6. Because The Night (Patti Smith Cover)
7. Space Lord (Monster Magnet Cover)
8. Get It On (T.Rex Cover)
9. Toyko (Tokyo Cover)
10. Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)
11. The Stroke (Billy Squier Cover) [Digipak Bonus Track]

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:55
After months of anticipation from fans worldwide, 21st century hard rock leaders Of Mice & Men — vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley, guitarist Alan Ashby, drummer Valentino Arteaga, and guitarist Phil Manansala — announce their new album 'Defy', arriving in stores and online January 19, 2018.

Kicking off this next chapter with a bang, the band is sharing its new single "Warzone" today. The clip lives up to the song's explosive combination of metallic insurgency and irresistible hooks.

"We're excited to be debuting the music video for 'Warzone' today, a song from our new album, Defy" said Pauley "For us, this new album encapsulates and showcases our desire to return to an aggressive, live-oriented sound, and 'Warzone' is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. Because we love releasing new music as often as we can, it only seemed fitting to release it right before our massive EU/UK tour with In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch this Fall/Winter. So turn it up, and bang your head".

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:53
Tonight Alive release a new video for 'Temple (Behind the Scenes)'. The band has also announced their upcoming album 'Underworld', due out January 12th via Hopeless Records.

'Underworld' musically symbolizes the totality of the band’s life coming full circle after experiencing their highest highs and lowest lows. They share an emotional journey into their personal shadows of the underworld, something they feel strongly we all possess within us.

Singer Jenna McDougall artfully awoke the feelings that she had repressed and used them as a driving force when writing her lyrics and recording this album. She dissected her darkness to get a deeper understanding of who she really is and what she truly loves and it provided her the power and confidence to push herself to remember at the core, why she loves music.

McDougall shares, “The album is called Underworld and I named it that because it reflects the ugly parts of me that I wasn't ready to see until now”.

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-12 11:52

hermal Entertainment is proud to welcome Nashville's SUMNER ROOTS to their roster. The band features former FRAMING HANLEY members Kenneth Nixon (vocals), Ryan Belcher (guitar) and Jonathan Stoye (bass). Rounding out the band will be Shad Teems on drums.

Kenneth Nixon states "When Ryan and I started writing music together again, we really had no plans or end-game for what it would be. After the first few sessions, we realized we were churning out some of the best stuff we had ever written together. Fast forward a few months, and we were contacted by Thermal who had heard our first song we had released ("Maeve") and really liked what they had heard. It was clear from speaking with them that, in addition to being a fan of what they had heard, they were also excited about how excited WE were about the material we were producing, and that they wanted to approach this as a true partnership; which, as we are all aware, cannot necessarily be said about most labels. In speaking with some of the other bands they've worked with, and the Thermal, we're even more stoked than we already were in where this band can go."

Ryan Belcher adds "It’s funny how things work out. When Nixon and I decided we wanted to do another project, we didn’t really set expectations on what it would turn into. At first, what we were writing had this sort of dark country sound - we’re both big Jason Isbell and John Paul White Fans – but we must have just missed making noise because it turned into a rock band pretty quick. Then once Shad Teems and Jon Stoye came on board it transformed into this whole new animal. The songs we’re writing now are the best material that I’ve ever been a part of. It’s a thrill to be working with such a talented group of musicians, and to have Thermal Entertainment at our back. We’ve got a great thing going here, and I know we’re all looking forward to watching this all unfold."

FRAMING HANLEY released three albums before calling it a day in August 2015. The Moment(2007), A Promise to Burn (2010) and The Sum of Who We Are (2014) have sold over a 1/4 million copies all charting in the Billboard Top 200. The albums produced the radio hits Hear Me Now, Lollipop, You Stupid Girl, Collide and Criminal. The band had toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and Australia playing many of the top festivals.

“We are excited to add Sumner Roots in the Thermal family of already amazing artist/bands. Nixon, Ryan and the guys bring a strong background of success with Framing Hanley to our organization. When this opportunity presented itself and we heard the direction Sumner Roots were heading with their music, we knew it was a fit. These guys have a wealth of talent and will continue their success as a major part of our roster” states Kyle Favors, President of Thermal Entertainment, LLC.

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