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SAGE ink a worldwide deal with Rockshots Records

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-07 19:43
Croatia's heavy/power metal band SAGE ink a worldwide deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS!
Hailing from Croatia, the rising stars SAGE have just signed a worldwide record deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of their debut album "Anno Domini 1573"
The album is about the Peasants’ Revolt, a metaphor of the battle between good and evil, honesty and greed. SAGE delivers a mix of heavy, power and progressive metal, even though is hard to define it specifically due to the band’s unique style.

"The band name SAGE means both the plant and flower sage and 'a wise old man'", comments Enio Vučeta, guitarist and backup singer of the band, a living legend of the Croatian rock/metal scene, "We wanted to connect this to ourselves in a way because we are composed of several generations of Croatian musicians and we have great ambitions for our music to make a breakthrough in the whole world."

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BEGGARS Signs With ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-05 16:20
Greek heavy/stoner rock band, BEGGARS, have signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The fifth studio album 'The Day I Lost My Head' includes 9 tracks, will be available as a digipack CD and black Vinly, to be out on August 10th, 2018.

Track listing:

1. Book Of Days
2. The Day I Lost My Head
3. Intersolar Traveller
4. Game
5. Medusa
6. Blind
7. You Break Me
8. Chief Commander (1945 - 2015)
9. Genesis

The album was produced by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis & Yannis Passas. Recorded and mixed by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis at Prova Music Studios, Athens Greece. Engineered by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis and mastered by Bill Lagos. Artwork design by SUGAHTANK. Photos by Danai Fokiou.


Yannis Passas – Vocals / Guitars
Chili– Bass
Petros Kotsidas – Drums

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Aussie Hard Rockers DIRTY RATS Join Sliptrick

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-05 16:02

Lock up your mothers! Still rocking out since the best decade in Australian Rock History, the 80s, Dirty Rats exhibit ballsy bass-driven melodies, power-packed riffs, and vocal talents that remain true to their beginnings. Throughout their journey, the Melbourne rockers have not only maintained their sound, but also their dirtiness with tones likened to bands like Rose Tattoo, The Angels, and AC/DC.

Dirty Rats are an “old school” heavy rock band that formed in the mid 80’s and quickly became a mainstay of the Melbourne “Pub Rock” scene, gaining a reputation for down and dirty original songs on their releases and a “take no prisoners” performance style, before taking an extended hiatus that saw them out of action until the late 2000’s.

Now the Rats are back, having evolved into a tight 4 piece powerhouse group, but still playing “classic old school” hard rock and staying faithful to the sound the band had in the 80s. These guys epitomize everything that’s great about Melbourne pub rock and have dragged it kicking and screaming into the new century.

Dirty Rats are:
Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich – Vocals | Jamie Beovich – Bass | Anthony (Chooka) Chapple – Guitar | Andy Thomson – Drums

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Noisemakers NAISIAN announce new EP after five-year hiatus

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-05 15:51
Sheffield metal favourites naisian return after a five-year hiatus, announcing their new EP Rejoinder (July 06, 2018).

To celebrate the news, the band have released lead track, '90 ft. Stone'.
Originally forming over a decade ago, naisian had since gone on to join other acclaimed bands, including Awooga, Air Force Chron, and pjaro.

Returning with the mission to play loud, heavy music, Rejoinder is a documentation of huge and primitive riffs. Recorded over a number of months at the band’s own studio (Tye Die Tapes HQ), the EP replicates the band’s live sound as closely as possible. DIY to the extreme, many of the amps, guitars, and effects used are hand-built by bassist Michael’s company Aitken Audio.

With mastering by iconic engineer James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Cave In, Botch), Rejoinder is a fine return to form from a band who’ve previously played with Baroness, Kylesa, Maybeshewill, Rolo Tomassi and more.

naisian are:

Jordan Garlick - Drums, Vocals
Michael Aitken - Bass, Vocals
Adam Zejma - Guitar, Vocals

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Snow Wave announces new release 2018

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-01 21:03
Snow Wave Records from Finland has announced signing a record deal with the melodic death metal group Aeolian from Mallorca, Spain. The debut album Silent Witness will be released worldwide on Sep 12th 2018.

Words from the label: "We were very impressed by the professional quality of their song writing and production. It also doesn't hurt that the groups lyrics handle real issues, not just dragons and devils. Inspired by their home island's beautiful nature, the groups lyrics talk about shielding natural diversity from mankinds influence".

The debut album Silent Witness has been produced by Miguel A. Riutort (The Unity, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Hirax).

The incredible cover artwork has been licensed from Kilian Eng (Concept artist for Disney, HBO, Marvel, Red Bull, Sony, The New York Times etc.)

The name Silent Witness takes its meaning from how nature cannot speak for itself. Every song on this album has been written from the point of view of nature.

Vocals - Daniel Perez
Guitars - Raúl Morán
Guitars - Gabi Escalas
Bass - Toni Mainez
Drums - Alberto Barrientos

Track list:
01 Immensity
02 End of Ice
03 Chimera
04 My Stripes In Sadness
05 Return of the Wolf King
06 Going to Extinction
07 Elysium
08 Wardens of the Sea
09 The Awakening
10 Black Storm
11 Witness
12 Onyx

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KRAKOW Announce New Album "minus".

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-01 20:58

Following the laborious process of distilling two albums worth of material into one focused gem, we give you minus. The pinnacle achievement of KRAKOW’S thirteen-year existence. After a year of recording, shaping, re-recording and refining, minus has been reduced to the bare essence of who KRAKOW are as individuals, as a group and as story tellers. An album that defies any attempts at genre definition. This release covers the heavy, the subtle, the melodic, the atonal, the groovy, the sluggish, the dense, the airy, the naked, and always, always, the wall of sound where no light can escape.

minus is scheduled for release on Karisma Records on 31 August 2018 and black wandering sun is the first single from the album. With this song, and video animated by Esteban Sebastián Farias, KRAKOW pays tribute to their influences, a concept enhanced by the guest appearance of Phil Campbellof Motörhead fame. The band explains:

"black wandering sun is an homage to our heroes who passed during the last couple of years, pulling inspiration from their universe, tipping the hat to their words and visiting them as the stars they are. And to top it off we were helped out by Phil who did the most rock n' roll solo to provide the glitz and stardom the song needed to reach the summit of heaviness. The video is a reflection of the story the song tells, yet it becomes its own story, like a parallel trail through the universe, much like everything else that's going on with this album. Godspeed, you Starman!"

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-01 20:50
Trophy Eyes have revealed details for their upcoming record "The American Dream", out August 3rd via Hopeless Records. The first single lifted from the album, “You Can Count On Me”, and the new music video is available to watch now.

You Can Count On Me” is a reaction to the negative and judgmental treatment a lot of artists experience on social media today and shines a spotlight on the impact this can have on their mental health.

Frontman, John Floreani, explains: “In many ways, ‘You Can Count On Me’ is a push back – a voice for those who choose not to defend themselves against the growing torch and pitchfork mentality that encircles performers in the era of modern music. Artists used to be a respected breed. With the uprising of social media, it’s as if listeners think they know us. They follow our every move and make judgments on our character based on a photo they may have seen, or a statement someone may have made”.

The third album in the Trophy Eyes collection "The American Dream" is based on the idea that there’s still utopia left on this planet – a place where one can start again and live a peaceful life, forsaking the trail of destruction that threatened to derail it all.

"The American Dream" also serves as a coming of age fable, in which Floreani takes an introspective look at who he is today. His story is brought to life in vivid color by acclaimed producer, Shane Edwards, with string arrangements produced by Chris Craker, who can list the soundtrack to Hans Zimmer’s score of Interstellar and Hans Zimmer The Classics on his production resume.

“This record is about my life in present time and a reflection on who I was and how I got here” Floreani explains “As much of the other Trophy Eyes works have been about the hate, violence, addiction, and heartbreak I fought so desperately to leave behind, this record is about shedding one’s past, transitioning from boy to man, making a home, and wanting nothing more in life than to sit and enjoy the silence”.

"The American Dream" follows on from their critically acclaimed 2016 album, "Chemical Miracle", which debuted at #8 on the Australian ARIA Chart and was a significant launch pad for the band as they dominated their home continent with back-to-back tours sold out months in advance in some of the biggest rooms in the country. Trophy Eyes also went on to conquer the globe with headline tours in North America and the UK, both slapping sold out signs on box offices around their respective territories.

Trophy Eyes now leads a new wave in rock music, blending their punk and hardcore roots with modern rock and pop sensibilities. Known for their brutally honest and emotional storytelling and lyricism combined with one of the most energetic live shows on the circuit, Trophy Eyes are set to takeover with the drop of "The American Dream" come August.

1. Autumn
2. Something Bigger Than This
3. Friday Forever
4. More Like You
5. Cotton Candy Sky
6. You Can Count On Me
7. Broken
8. Tip Toe
9. Lavender Bay
10. Miming In The Choir
11. A Symphony Of Crickets
12. I Can Feel It Calling

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DYING HYDRA - New Copenhagen sludge metal trio unleashes first EP

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-01 19:51

A new beast has taken shape deep down in a sonic abyss of sludge and filth. DYING HYDRA is a three-headed mammoth, which has recently arisen from the underground of Copenhagen. This heavy and explosive trio has set out to paralyse the hordes with their distorted, dirty and epic take on sludge metal, as heard on the self titled debut EP newly released.

Hydra [ˈhaɪdrə] - a species of fierce, tentacled predators.

Hydras spear it's prey with a, explosively discharged, dart-like thread containing neurotoxins.

Within ten minutes, the prey will have been engulfed within the body cavity, and digestion will have started. With it's regenerative abilities - it does not die of old age. If severed into pieces, the remains will form fully functional and independent Hydras. Consequently it is said to be immortal. The Hydra got its name from the legendary, many headed, aquatic creature of Greek mythology.

DYING HYDRA was formed in Copenhagen spring 2018 by Lars Pontoppidan (guitar/vocals), Patrick Fragtrup (guitar/vocals) and Tejs Kyhl (drums). The members of the band have extensive experience on the Danish metal scene where until recently, they roamed in a now defunct band. Upon playing together again, now as a trio with no bass but instead with octave pedals added for low end, the trio’s efforts spawned a new vigour and inspiration materializing in what has now become the band’s first release.

The EP displays DYING HYDRA’s inspired songwriting and musicianship in four tracks of crushingly heavy, yet dynamic and grandiose sludge metal. The effort is recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Fragtrup at Wolf Rider Sound Production in a joint effort with Orm guitarist Simon Sonne Andersen overseeing the drum recordings. The EP is rounded off by the beautiful, yet ferocious artwork by Carlos U Man illustrating the metaphoric immortal hydra engulfed by enemies.

DYING HYDRA is now in the process of writing new material for a coming full length while the band aims to make their live debut in the fall of 2018.

'Dying Hydra' track list:
1. Mother Reptile
2. Kalahari
3. Obsidian
4. Higher Wolf

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-05-13 20:37

UK five-piece anthemic rock act Massive Wagons are thrilled to announce they signed a worldwide record deal with Earache Records (The Temperance Movement, Blackberry Smoke, Rival Sons). The deal comes off the back of the band’s growing reputation as one of the brightest new UK rock talents. New track “Under No Illusion” has play-listed by Planet Rock – months before the new album release.

Frontman Baz Mills comments: “Signing to Earache for us has been the absolute making of this band. We like to think we were operators beforehand, but since the signing we've really ramped up every aspect of what we do: including stage shows and song writing. A massive thing for us is being added to the Download 2018 line-up, that's something we've been striving towards since day 1, plus we have a summer jammed with festival slots: Steelhouse, Rock and Blues Custom Show, Wildfire to name a few. Busy times, good times, can't wait to get stuck into it with Earache and see how far we can take this.”

The band releases a brand new single “China Plates” on Friday 11th May, which will be available across all digital platforms. “China Plates” is a driving rock song that showcases both Massive Wagons distinctive sound and their unique personality, led by the inimitable Baz Mills. The song shows the evolution of the band’s song writing both sonically and lyrically from previous album “Welcome To The World”.

“China Plates” will be featured on a new studio album, “Full Nelson” due for release later in 2018.

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-05-13 20:29
Following on from the announcement of Marshall Records and Eleven Sevencollaborating for a North American distribution deal, Marshall Records have just unveiled the news of a new signing to their growing roster of quality rock artists.

The new signing comes in the form of Therapy?, the Northern Irish rock trio who hit the stage in 1991 and have been an unstoppable force in alternative rock music ever since. The band will release their 15th full length opus of no nonsense alternative hard rock to the world in 2018 via Marshall Records. Melody, riffs, rhythm and intensity, the new works, inspired by what the band call a ‘new age of anxiety’, are guaranteed to propel the hard working trio back to the forefront of heavy music with the support of their new team. They join Press to Meco, King Creature, Rews and more as part of the Marshall roster.

Andy Cairns, frontman of Therapy? says this about the signing “Therapy? are happy to announce that they’ve just signed a new record deal with the legendary Marshall Records. Having played their quality amps for years it made perfect sense to take the relationship even further and get involved with their record company. We feel that this will be a perfect home for our unique style of rock music and look forward to all the challenges and great music that lie ahead”. The new album will be released later this year.

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