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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-19 14:23
Andy Cairns tells a great story about Therapy?’s spring UK tour with The Stranglers. As the trio walked onstage in Kilmarnock, Scotland, their frontman noticed a solitary punter, three rows from the front, vigorously booing his band before a single amplified guitar chord had been struck. Each successive song in the set received the same vociferous, relentlessly hostile response. Two nights later, at Nottingham Rock City, the antagonist was back once more, front and centre, still booing, though with markedly less enmity than before. In Manchester, on the final night of the campaign, Cairns stepped from his tour bus to be confronted again by the by-now-familiar face of his new nemesis. This time, however, the guy was clutching a pen and a copy of Therapy?’s classic 1994 album Troublegum. “Could you sign this for me please?” he asked politely.

I think we’d battered him into submission Cairns says with a laugh.

It’s an instructive anecdote, both a testament to Therapy?’s enduring capacity to win over hearts and minds with their singular, sui generis sound, and a reminder, in a broader sense, that even in the face of alienation, disaffection and discord, there remains hope for consensus, harmony and solidarity.

Which brings us, neatly, to Therapy?’s fifteenth studio album 'CLEAVE.' Roughly themed around notions of duality and division, the band’s follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed Disquiet - and their first recording for new label Marshall Records – is a sharply focused, fiercely intelligent, impassioned and empowering set of songs from a band operating at a creative and artistic peak. A scathing, incisive state-of-the-nation address, investigating the schisms in contemporary society and the motivations of those seeking to propagate disjuncture, it’s a powerful, challenging, uncompromising collection from a band never afraid to confront and dissect humanity’s darkest impulses.

From the thrillingly propulsive assault of Wreck It Like Beckett via the addictive 'Callow' (the album's first single, out now) and the unsettling I Stand Alone to the disquieting, bleakly beautiful No Sunshine, the ten tracks which make up 'CLEAVE' coalesce to paint a portrait of a fractured, dislocated world rent by unprincipled, mendacious masters.

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Lions Pride Music new signing Perfect View

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-19 14:03
Lions Pride Music feels excited to announce the signing with the Italian rockers Perfect View and the release of their third opus which is called "Timeless" on 29 October 2018 physically on CD and digitally in all digital platforms.

Tracklist: 1. Stop Me, Kill Me, Leave Me, 2. Can't Stop The Fire, 3. Shades Of Us, 4. Your Love Is Gone, 5. Don't Look Back, 6. No Regrets, 7. Fallin', 8. Promises, 9. Outlaw, 10. Lorelai, 11. Timeless, 12. Let It Go.

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GABRIELS signs to ROCKSHOTS RECORDS and unleash the new rock opera

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:44

Italy's keyboard virtuoso GABRIELS signs to ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of the brand new rock opera: "FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT 2 - HOKUTO BROTHERS"

GABRIELS is a quite known keyboard player and musician based out of Italy, also active as arranger and session-man, who worked with some renowned musicians such as the well-known singer Fabio Lione, Mark Boals and the keyboard player Mistheria among the others.

"FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT 2 - HOKUTO BROTHERS” is the second part of a rock opera based on the japanese manga and anime "Hokuto no Ken" by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. Being a sequel of "ACT 1", the second part of the opera moves on from there to continue the story of Kenshiro, one of the most known and appreciated anime characters of all time.
The record contains several special guests representing the characters of the opera: Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel), Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral), Frank Caruso (Arachnes), Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone). Beto Vazquez (Beto Vazquez's Infinity)
The new opera will be unleashed via Rockshots Records on August 31, 2018,


Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel) as Ken
Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral) as Ray
Rachel "Iron Majesty" Lungs as Mamiya
Dario Grillo (Platens, Violet Sun) as Toky
Alfonso Giordano (Steel Raiser) as Wiggle
Iliour Griften (Beto Vazquez' Infinity, Clairvoyant) as Amiba
Antonio Pecere (Crimson Dawn) as Raoul
Dave Dell'Orto (Drakkar, Verde Lauro) as Jagger
Beatrice Bini (Constraint, Vivaldi Metal Project) as Aylee
Matt Bernardi (Ruxt) as Cobra Boss

Antonello Giliberto
Francesco Ivan Sante dall'ò
Stefano Calvagno (Metatrone)
Antonio Pantano (Arcandia)
Tommy Vitaly
Frank Caruso (Arachnes)
Daria Domovik (Concordea)
Andrew Spane
Stefano Filoramo

Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone)
Beto Vazquez (Beto Vazquez's Infinity)
Adrian Hansen
Fabio Zunino
Arkadiusz E. Ruth (Path Finder)

Mattia Stancioiu (ex-Vision Divine, ex- Labirynth)
Simone Alberti (Gabriels)
Giovanni Maucieri (Gabriels)
Michele Sanna (Coma)
Salvo Pennisi

01 – The search of water bird
02 – Cobra clan
03 – End of Cobra
04 – I see again
05 – Scream my name
06 – Miracle land
07 – I’m a genius
08 – Looking for your brother
09 - Myth of Cassandra
10 - Reunion
11 - Legend of fear
12 - King of fist

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:40
Osaka’s Crossfaith have announced their new album "EX_MACHINA", set for release on August 3rd via UNFD.

"EX_MACHINA" is the Japanese band’s fifth album and the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed 'XENO'. The album features an impressive cameo from Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds as well industrial hip hoppers Ho99o9. Last week Crossfaith gave fans a new single:
"EX_MACHINA" is a concept album set in an alternative near future in which the ruling class, known as Angels, maintain their world through artificial intelligence and other technology, which dehumanises people and effectively turns them into drones

Frontman Kenta ‘Ken’ Koie explains: “After we released last album XENO, we were thinking about what the next theme for us is. Then we decided to put theme “Awake the individuality”. Because we've always trying to make new things and that's the big part of band's attitudes. Technology has been advancing from when I was kid, and it definitely helps the world but at the same time I feel like technology take out important process to think about individuality in exchange for convenience. This album is a grave warning for our future, I hope you guys listen to this and think about what the meaning of this album is for you and feel how you feel through this album and start something for your future”.

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Progressive Death Metal Band Skyglow to release debut album

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-17 20:33
Russian progressive death metal band Skyglow released a single 'Sacred Self-Deceit'. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album 'Thousand Years of Terror' which is released by Inverse Records (digitally) & Grotesque Sounds (CD) on June 30th 2018.
The band currently consists of just two members: Alexander Mokin (author, vocalist) and Sergey Stepanenko (guitarist). They make studio music and do not perform live. The best part of their music is its insane composition, original complex riffs and its aggressive and chaotic yet sentimental atmosphere.

Band comments:
"Recently we finished our debut album named Thousand Years of Terror. It is dedicated to the problems of totalitarian states, inspired by the political situation in Russia."

Album cover art is made by Joe Petagno (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Marduk, Autopsy, etc.)

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:22
With Confidence have announced details on their forthcoming new album 'Love and Loathing' out August 10th via Hopeless Records. The infectiously catchy and colorful music video for “That Something” is out now on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel.

With Confidence called on veteran producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore) to create 'Love and Loathing'. An album filled with both catchy melodies and emotive lyrics, Love and Loathing carries you through first loves, blistering breakups and everything in-between.

According to bassist and vocalist Jayden Seeley, the final themes weren’t clear until they had finished most of the songs: “There's a looming relationship with loathing, mostly about the concept of self-loathing,” explains Seeley. “That period before getting into a relationship is very introspective—you’re trying to be a better person, but a lot of how that happens is because people are really hard on [themselves]. That ties back to love just as strongly, because in the relationship, you want to keep being better. In every way”.

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Geenger Records Signs KEVLAR BIKINI

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:20

Kevlar Bikini from Zagreb, Croatia have recently joined the Geenger Records family. Formed in 2010, the band has since released two albums and is finishing their third which will see the light of day this autumn.

Starting out as a quartet, they are now a trio, with guitarist Mario Berta taking over vocals. Kevlar Bikini sound more convincing than ever and the new material will appeal to punk, hard core and metal fans alike. The band’s new album Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms embodies all recent developments. The self-explanatory tongue twister of a name describes not only the collage of songs on the album, but also the overall revamped style of the group. It is the album the band is most proud of.
Kevlar Bikini Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms will be released on September 14, 2018 via Geenger Records.

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Modern thrash metallers Justice Theory released a new EP and music video

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-16 21:18

Modern thrash metallers Justice Theory released a new EP and music video

Finnish modern thrash metal act Justice Theory has released a new EP “When the Lights Are Fading” and a music video to the opening track "All for Nothing".

Previously Justice Theory has released three singles and played for example on Finnish Metal Festival Jalometalli 2016 warming up the stage for bands like Anthrax.

The first EP release from the band presents three tracks of catchy and aggressive thrash metal with tight riffs and unique vocal work. The lyrical themes on When the Lights Are Fading are about the degeneration of humankind in perished world where nothing feels the same anymore.

"When we notice that we are actually completely numb it's already too late. As the time is running short. The lights are about to go out." The frontman Valtteri Saharinen sum up the message.

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-15 17:24
Blackpool’s Boston Manor have announced their second album ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ will be released on 07th September 2018 via Pure Noise Records.

The band have also announced their biggest headline tour to date which will see them traverse the UK & Europe through September and October.

Produced by Mike Sapone (Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade, Public Enemy), Welcome To The Neighbourhood is a soundtrack to disenfranchisement set in a fictionalized version of the band’s hometown. The first single to be revealed from the album is the "Halo", a song underpinned by a wash of doomy electronics and visualized in the dark vignettes of its accompanying music video. ’Halo’ almost got scrapped & didn’t make the album,” vocalist Henry Cox admits. “It was a totally different song, much slower and moodier. About a month before we went into the studio we reworked it entirely & it morphed into this current incarnation. It’s a song about feeling trapped; being in a vicious cycle & not knowing if there’ll ever be a way out.

The world that Welcome To The Neighbourhood inhabits is an unapologetically bleak one, a world rife with poverty and drug addiction, boarded up shops and a population unable to escape a predicament they didn’t even know they were in. “My generation financially and culturally barren,” Cox says. “We can’t afford to buy a house, we’re very much paying the price for our parents’ generation’s mistakes, but at the same time too fucking lazy and distracted and comfortable to do anything about it.”

While Cox is also keen to point out that this album is neither politically-motivated nor one taking arms against his parents’ generation – “If anything,” he chuckles, “it’s more of a stab at my generation” – the 12 songs on the album have nevertheless been shaped by the tumultuous state of the world and Cox’s own worries for both its future and the future of his generation. By using the band’s hometown of Blackpool – which is also where, as usual, they wrote all these songs – the band grounds those fears into a physical, tangible location, which also serves as a metaphor for the larger themes and issues that inspired and which dominate these songs. “In the ’50s, ’60s and’70s,” explains Cox, “Blackpool was this booming town. It was a holiday destination, a place where you can go to forget all your troubles and now things here are just so fucked up – there are huge drug problems and a 40 percent unemployment rate in the winter. It was once this beautiful thing and it’s become a little bit broken.”

Welcome To The Neighbourhood is just as emotionally charged and meaningful as ever. With that comes a hope that this album, by addressing the issues it does, can have a positive impact on the future. “I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues,” he says.“The things that are important to my generation are just so trivial in my eyes, but who am I to say? I can’t really offer any immediate solutions, but I can try to throw a bucket of cold water on some of my peers, to just get them to feel more and think more and not be so apathetic.”

Boston Manor are: Dan Cunniff – Bass | Ash Wilson – Guitar | Henry Cox – Vocals | Jordan Pugh – Drums | Mike Cunniff – Guitar

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RADIANT signs with Massacre Records

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2018-06-08 16:30
The German melodic hard rock quintet RADIANT around vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Voodoo Circle, ex-Sinbreed, ex-Seventh Avenue) and his fellow former Seventh Avenue members Flo Gottsleben and Markus Beck has joined the Massacre Records family and will release its debut album this fall!

The band's name, RADIANT, already suggests the musical reorientation of the former Seventh Avenue (who played melodic metal) members. RADIANT is all about more rock, less metal, more hooks, less speed - but with the same passion and energy for music as before!

RADIANT's melodic hard rock is honest and powerful and goes straight to your ear!

RADIANT are vocalist Herbie Langhans, the guitarists Flo Gottsleben and Carsten Stepanowicz, bassist Markus Beck and drummer Manni Spalka.

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