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PANORAMA 'Around The World' Album Details Revealed

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:50
Swiss/Finnish/American hard rockers PANORAMA will release their debut album, "Around The World", on January 12, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The album is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69). The cover artwork was made by Stan W Decker (Masterplan, Vanden Plas, Resurrection Kings, Stryper)


1. Around The World
2. Standing My Ground
3. The Glory Within
4. Gates Of Babylon
5. The Highest Mountain
6. Jammin In The Jungle
7. One For All
8. The Other Side
9. Heart Has Been Broken
10. Shout It Out
11. World On Fire


Christian Palin – Vocals (Random Eyes, ex Adagio)
Dennis Ward – Bass (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69)
Sammy Lasagni – Guitars (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk, ex Godiva)
Ben Varon – Guitars (Amoral, ex Grease Helmet)
Philipp Eichenberger – Drums (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk)

In 2008 the Swiss guitarist, Sammy Lasagni (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk, ex Godiva), met the Uruguay born singer Christian Palin (Random Eyes, ex Adagio) for the first time when Godiva, supported the band Adagio – fronted by Christian. The chemistry between the two was immediately obvious so they decided that they would, at some point in time, try to make music together. The two kept in contact but the years plodded along until 2015 when a certain long telephone call on a cold winter’s day changed everything. Right then and there they decided to get to work. They began writing songs and in record time 15 new songs were born. They decided to work with Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69) as a producer. The guys soon after met with Dennis and introduced their songs. Dennis was genuinely impressed. So impressed that he agreed to work with them and joined the band not only as producer, but as a bass player too. The guys completed their line-up with Finnish guitarist, Ben Varon (formerly of Amoral and Grease Helmet) and Swiss drummer Philipp Eichenberger (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk). Panorama was born!

Under the direction of Dennis Ward, who took over the whole production (produced, recorded, mixed and mastered), the band recorded their debut album “Around the World” partially at HOFA studios in Karlsdorf Germany and at The TrakShak, Dennis’ private studio. It was a long process but the album turned out fantastic. A Hard Rock production with a bit of Scandinavian influences and Christian has proven himself to be a world-class singer.

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Unshine - New album "Astrala" on Rockshots Records

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:48
ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is thrilled to announce the release of "Astrala", fourth album of the folk metal band UNSHINE!
Hailing from Finland, UNSHINE stepped into the whole new level of co-operation with the initial forces of the nature.
UNSHINE has always been a band without the traditional role models. The most important thing in a song is the melody. Sounds and rhythms create the overall atmosphere, but the melody wakes up the whole ancient story in it to life", tells Harri, UNSHINE guitarist behind the majority of the songs. "Secondly, it all starts from the nature and it all will end to the nature. This cuts through all aspects of our music. It echoes from those landscapes the modern world has almost totally abandoned and forgotten. The songs try to re-unite the old bonds between the dolmen gods and the digitized mankind. Nature is not our enemy, it's our physical, but especially our spiritual home. That's why we call our music druid metal."

"Astrala" is set to be released on January 19, 2018 in Europe and February 9, 2018 in North America via Rockshots Records.

1 - Birch of Fornjot
2 - Kainun Kuningas
3 - Jack's Feast
4 - The Masks of Enchantment
5 - Pan the One
6 - Druids Are A-Coming
7 - Slow Moving Creatures
8 - Visionary's Last Breath
9 - Suo (Kantaa Ruumiit)
10 - The Forest

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Sulphur Seas (Black Metal) reveals debut album

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:46

This winter will mark the release of the debut album by SULPHUR SEAS, a duet consisting of the union of two tormented minds: J. (lyrics) and A. (compositions). Entitled 'Suzanne', it has been self-recorded in their basement, excepting the vocals tracks recorded at California Studios (Madrid). Mixed by Victor Saiz Martinez, the album counts on the help of several external contributors, as a guest vocal appearance by J. Virulency (Virulency, Hex) or the nightmarish noises and effects added by M. Novoa (Back to R'lyeh, Proyecto C5, ex-Nüll).

'Suzanne' consists of seven black metal songs that deals with the most sinister aspects of existence: death, diseases, greed and lust. J. comments: “Imagine that you find an open chest, eaten by dampness in a dusty attic. Inside, a few loose pages of the diary written by an unknown traveler. His story, tainted of despair, violence and grief, ironically sounds you very familiar. You did not know this man, but his words create a mirror of our own existence. This is the feeling that we have decided to share with you.”

With all lyrics written in French, J's mother tongue, the compositions created by Sulphur Seas can be defined as a mix of a Black Metal influenced by french literature and estheticism, with tones of Death Metal and Progressive Metal. As a duet, each member brings to the other one his own musical background. The result of this teamwork is a bitter, hypnotic and furious multifaceted creation that cannot leave indifferent the french nor polish Black Metal enthusiasts.

The album will be self-released in January by J. under the mark of “Les Productions Boueuses” as a jewel-case with 12 pages booklet. Just before the release of the album, a preview of 'Suzanne' will be unveil.

>> Tracklisting <<

I - Déluge

II - L'épave

III - Comme une clope dans un cendar

IV - Le soir


V - L'amer

VI - Suzanne

VII - _


Sulphur Seas are J. (lyrics, vocals) and A. (music, strings).

External helpers on 'Suzanne': drums composed by AGS, bass recorded by P. SM, noise and effects by M. Novoa, and additional vocals on “L’Amer” by J. Virulency.

All music and lyrics composed and written by the band during 2015-2016. Album recorded during 2017, mixed by Victor Saiz Martinez (California Studios – Madrid).

Band picture by B.M.. All other pictures, cover and layout by J.

'Suzanne' cover: Notre-Dame de Laval, Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes (France).

Sulphur Seas discography.

'Suzanne' (CD), Les Productions Boueuses, January 2018.

'Sulphur Seas' (MCD), Darkness Within/Darkwoods Records, March 2015.

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DEFECTO vs. Haunted house! Watch it right here

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:43
DEFECTO is Denmark’s newest and finest addition to melodic and progressive metal, featuring huge catchy choruses, massive riffs, blazing solos and grandiose symphonies. In two weeks they will be ready with their sophomore album "NEMESIS". DEFECTO had a splendid 2017 including supportslots for mastodons such as METALLICA and RAMMSTEIN, and a nearly sold out Denmark tour.

To celebrate their album they are releasing a music video for their second single
With their second album "NEMESIS", the musical mission has been to create songs that have an instant impact on the listener, with a focus on songwriting that breaks down musical barriers instead of trying to fit into a certain sound. Produced and engineered by producer, vocalist and frontman Nicklas Sonne, DEFECTO is experimenting with a somewhat darker sound on "NEMESIS". The album is centered on the concept of enemies, seen both from a personal view as well as in the context of war or conflict. As such, the lyrics of the songs all feature a nemesis in a literal or a figurative sense.

"NEMESIS" will be available on all streaming services, and is released through Prime Collective.

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Premiere: DE LA MUERTE "De la Muerte" (Official Lyric Video)

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:41
The Hard’n’metal band De La Muerte, have today released a brand new Lyric video for homonym single “De la Muerte”
The song is the imposing opening track for upcoming album “Venganza, ready to release on 15th December 2017 via Revalve records.

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Symphonic Death Metallers Gorgon Release New Single 'Ishassara'

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:36
'Ishassara' is a short and tragic story written by Gorgon founder and vocalist Paul Thureau, taking place in ancient Crete: it's the story of a tortured man who has lived a life in pain, regrets and guilt, and who starts giving all his love and devotion to a goddess (Ishassara) asking her for peace of mind and soul.

Recorded at Hybreed Studios, produced by Jussi Kulomaa and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde, ‘Ishassara’ is the first song released by the French band since 2016’s Titanomachy album and a track that is set to feature on the forthcoming full-length slated for release 2018.
Thureau elaborates more on the story, “This devotion to Ishassara turns quickly into an obsession: but the Goddess keeps on ignoring him and not listening his prayers, so his ritual turns every day more into occultism - loosing his mind, he starts mutilating and sacrificing his first-born son. Seeing that still nothing happens and feeling betrayed by the goddess, he burns the whole temple down, dying in its flames. 'Ishassara' is all about that thin line between faith, religion, fanaticism and insanity. To denounce religious fanatics that brainwash weak-minded people, into dangerous weapons.”

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News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:31
Rising electro-indie-rock outfit Speak Low If You Speak Love will release its 2nd studio album, Nearsighted, with Pure Noise Records on January 19th.

Speak Low If You Speak Love is the solo project from the incredibly talented, multi-instrumentalist musician Ryan Scott Graham, who also plays bass and provides backing vocals in the popular pop-punk band State Champs.

Speaking about the new single, Graham says, "Enough was actually the last song written for the record, after a night of just jamming in the studio. After analyzing each song on the record, we decided it was missing a certain vibe, and Enough was the piece that was missing. Not only on the musical side of things, but I also felt as though there were a few ideas left unexplored. The "rush of blood" high that comes with specific relationships had been kicking around my brain for a while and I wanted to put it down to paper. Couldn't be happier with how the song turned out."

Nearsighted will be the second, full-length album from Speak Low If You Speak Love, following Graham’s debut record Everything But What You Need, which was released in 2015 by Pure Noise Records. The forthcoming album transcends beyond his early acoustic work, as he explores expanded sounds and instrumentation with a refined sense of depth and maturity.

"Working on Nearsighted was an immense process,” Graham adds. “I wanted to experiment in a big way with my songwriting and my drummer Drew and I sat with each song for days, weeks, (even years on a handful of tunes) just toiling with each chord progression, making sure every note had purpose. I'm older now, and I'm always looking for new ways to express certain ideas, so I really feel we captured that with the sound of this record. It's different enough to be interesting and fun, but still the Speak Low I think many have come to know. Our producer Aaron Marsh took these songs and really changed the game. It was a pleasure working with an artist I've looked up to for years."

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CORONATUS stream new song

Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:29
CORONATUS are going to release their new album "Secrets Of Nature" on December 8th via Massacre Records.
CORONATUS present their first ever concept album about nature mysticism. Soprano Carmen Lorch is joined by rock voice Mareike Makosch (Illuminate, Sister Zero) and fellow soprano Gaby Koss (ex-Haggard, Cantus Lunaris), while Teddy Möhrke (Tales Of Nebelheim) is responsible for the male vocals.

The album was mixed and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E. Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove Design is once again responsible for the cover artwork.

CORONATUS new album "Secrets Of Nature" will also be available as a limited edition digipak with a bonus CD that features all songs as an instrumental version including the orchestral and choral parts.

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Videos and singlesPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:24

As one of one of Scandinavias most intriguing, mystical and explosive live acts - SMASH INTO PIECES (a.k.a SIP / Smash) with it´s founder and leader ”The Apocalypse DJ” has caught the attention of the crowd live as well as on social medias. Executing Skydives in live-television, showing of The Apocalypse Djs Parkour moves / Dance-skills or Fighting capability seems likely to be a normal day at the SIP office. Together with their very close friend Jay Smith they have now created what can be known as complete perfection …*BOOMERANG*.


Our lives and the world we live in are changing faster and faster. But with life in the fast lane it feels safe to know that some things will never change: No matter how deep we fall, we will come back again and again… like a fucking boomerang!

Smash Into Pieces - Quotes:

Smash into Pieces and Jay Smith are two artists of a kind. The kind that never gives up and keeps coming back for another round. It's an honor the share the next round with you Jay! Salut! 🤘

Jay Smith - Quotes:

I met the guys four years ago when I signed with my manager. Being signed to the same label, we ended up at a lot of the same gigs. We became friends and I'm happy we finally collaborated on something. It's a really good song and I'm proud to be a part of it!

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Outshine signs with Gain

News/nyheterPosted by Hallowed nyheter 2017-11-18 20:22

Outshine cite influences from Type O Negative, Life Of Agony, Paradise Lost, Danzig, Tool and dark, melancholy music. The first full-length album "Bad Things Always End Bad" where released in 2007, followed up by “Until We Are Dead” in 2009 and “Prelude to Descent” 2013. The band went on a Scandinavian tour with Paradise Lost in September 2013. The band has also done 7 US tours between 2005 and 2014 building a huge underground fan base with +46.000 fans on social media world-wide.

"We are excited to release Outshines new album next year, and be a part of their journey from top to bottom and back again!" - Gain

From top to bottom and back again.

Friday September 13th 2013. After a tour with Paradise Lost the Outshine tour bus where robbed and a full per-recorded album, band fees, important documents, passports and gear were lost.

Swedish Tax Authorities, without a shred of proof, started to haunt founder and guitarist Jimmy Norberg stating “music is not a real occupation”.

The authority issued an 80.000 euro fine with 30 days for Jimmy to pay it otherwise houses, cars, instruments and belongings would be confiscated and the company and the band put out of business... the worst years in Outshine history had started.

But Outshine is not the ordinary band and Jimmy is not the "average Joe". The bastard authorities and deceitful people were fought in court.

After a long legal process Jimmy won in court early 2017 against the Swedish Authority. Cleared from all accusations and the 80.000 euro fines recouped.... the resurrection could be started.

With a new set of members including Tony Jelencovich (Transport League, ex-M.A.N, ex-B-Thong, Death Destruction, ex-Mnemic), Niklas Ingvarsson and Alexander Lundgren (ex-Devilicious), four agonizing years had finally come to an end.

First single "Liar" will be revealed November 24th, new album "1313" revealed February 23rd 2018.

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